Bristol-born Banksy ranked as one of the 50 greatest storytellers of all-time

Bristol-born Banksy ranked as one of the 50 greatest storytellers of all-time

Posted on: 18 May 2017

The graffiti artist, one of Bristol’s most notorious sons, is included alongside Roald Dahl and William Shakespeare in the list compiled by Canon.

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The famously-anonymous street artist Banksy has been included in the 50 greatest storytellers of all-time, placing in a list which also features Charles Dickens and JK Rowling.


The poll, conducted by camera company Canon UK, predominantly features authors and filmmakers who have contributed to their respective canons, yet counts Banksy among them as the only visual artist on the list.

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He placed 30th in the rankings, beating the likes of Virginia Woolf, EL James, Jack Kerouac and John Lennon. The inclusion reflects the narrative quality that many of his pieces possess, which has rendered him the most famous street artist in the world.


Matthew Searle of Canon UK said: “You can’t beat a good story, whether it’s words in a book, photographs or film or simply through conversation.


“Storytellers come in many different forms whether it’s through music, writing or photos, and those in this top 50 are responsible for some of the greatest tales of all time.”


The full list is as follows:

1. Roald Dahl 
2. Charles Dickens 
3. William Shakespeare 
4. JK Rowling 
5. Steven Spielberg 
6. Hans Christian Andersen 
7. Lewis Carroll 
8. Walt Disney 
9. Enid Blyton 
10. J.R.R Tolkien 
11. David Attenborough 
12. Beatrix Potter 
13. Stephen King 
14. Brothers Grimm 
15. HG Wells 
16. AA Milne 
17. George Orwell 
18. CS Lewis 
19. Ernest Hemingway 
20. Ridley Scott 
21. T. S. Eliot 
22. James Cameron 
23. Quentin Tarantino 
24. Morgan Freeman 
25. George Lucas 
26. Alan Bennett 
27. Andrew Lloyd Webber 
28. Jacqueline Wilson 
29. Ed Sheeran 
30. Banksy 
31. Eminem 
32. Virginia Woolf 
33. The Coen Brothers 
34. Martin Scorsese 
35. Philip K. Dick 
36. David Walliams 
37. Tom Hanks

38. JD Salinger

39. Louis Theroux 
40. Adele 
41. Iain M. Banks 
42. Samuel Jackson 
43. Tom Hardy 
44. Stephenie Meyer 
45. H. P. Lovecraft 
46. E L James 
47. Jack Kerouac 
48. Prince 
49. John Lennon 
50. Kevin Spacey

To get an impression of how the street artist got going in his hometown, check out our Virtual Banksy Walking Tour of Bristol.

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