Grab a top coffee at Bristol favourite Tradewind Espresso

Grab a top coffee at Bristol favourite Tradewind Espresso

Posted on: 17 May 2017

The specialist coffee shop on Whiteladies Road has become a pilgrimage site for Bristol’s bean aficionados, offering a spot for a quiet cuppa or a bit of top grub.

Tradewind Espresso

 You would be forgiven for thinking that Bristol’s liquid speciality is its cider. You would probably be correct too – but mounting a firm challenge for this crown is the hot brown stuff, pouring into the city via a number of fine cafés recently established.


Leading this new caffeinated charge is Tradewind Espresso, a spot sitting atop Whiteladies Road, who specialise in the finer points of coffee production – and aren’t too bad at making food either.

Tradewind Espresso

Their house blend ‘Highground’  has been on the lips of baristas Bristol over and the subject of coffee house gossip across the South West, possessing enough weight to punch through milk and enough character to shine without. A series of custom blends are also available on rotation, sitting alongside their selection of filter coffees, which are brewed using the V60 method.


Their food menu reveals a modest smorgasbord of modern café classics, all prepared with health and locality as a priority. These dishes are prepared using the freshest seasonal produce, sourced from as close to home as quality allows.


For more information or to see a menu, visit Alternatively, check them out on Facebook.

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Sam Mason-Jones

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