Crack the codes to avoid being 'Locked In A Room' in Bristol

Crack the codes to avoid being 'Locked In A Room' in Bristol

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Part Crystal Maze throwback, part seemingly impossible puzzle, part brainteaser...and all entertaining. Locked in a Room is Bristol biggest and best escape room and perfect for so many occasions.


From the moment you step through the door that is then locked behind you, the game is on. Pulses race and friends squabble over clues. It's 60 minutes of pure adrenaline fuelled, brain teasing, rage and laughter inducing toil against an ever-ticking clock. It takes a number of different aptitudes to solve the clues so teamwork is key, hence why it's a big favourite for corporate events and teambuilding. Not just that, it's a huge ammount of fun so often welcomes birthdays, stag do's and celebrations of all kinds.

Crack the codes to avoid being 'Locked In A Room' in Bristol

What is an escape room? Well, the premise is simple:  you are locked in a room and must escape within 60 minutes.  A minimum of 3 and up to 44 ‘players’ can attempt the challenge simultaneously, making it perfect for parties. Once the door slams you’ll need to quickly figure out what lies ahead of you and ensure you have the best laid plans in order. You’ll need to collect clues, solve riddles and think outside the box in order to escape in time. Teamwork is key!


Naturally, no real info can be given away on the rooms and challenges as it would spoil the fun, but suffice to say you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be joining a packed list of happy customers.

Locked In A Room - Bristol

Aside from knowing how to lay traps and guide you through the game with just the right amount of help, the staff at Locked in a Room also know how to cater for an event of any kind and really take the pressure off you. Simply get in contact today for a no obligation chat about how they might be able to help you.


For more info visit or call 0117 929 1759 and keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter. Address: 3 Unity Street, Bristol, BS1 5HH.

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