Bristol Ranked UK's Third Most-Targeted University by Employers

Bristol Ranked UK's Third Most-Targeted University by Employers

Posted on: 16 Jan 2017

Research undertaken by High Flyers Research has revealed that UoB is the third most-targeted university in the country by its top graduate employers, beating Oxford and Cambridge.

The University of Bristol has been ranked third in a list of the UK universities most-targeted by employers, a major study has found.


The report, compiled in December as part of the Graduate Market in 2017 dossier, has seen Bristol rise from its 2016 ranking of fourth place to where it now sits, above the likes of Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and Edinburgh.


The list of companied consulted in the study include the BBC, Apple, Google, The Bank of England and Dyson.


Speaking to the University of Bristol's website, Stuart Johnson Director of its Careers Service, said: "Bristol has for a long time been a university heavily targeted by top employers but it is particularly gratifying to be at our highest position in the report since High Fliers began their Graduate Market Review in 2004."

"Bristol attracts some of the best students and produces some of the most employable graduates, something that as an institution and as a careers service we are tremendously proud of."


The UK’s top 10 most-targeted universities are as follows:

1. Warwick
2. Manchester
3. Bristol
4. Cambridge
5. Leeds
6. Birmingham
7. Nottingham
8. Oxford
9. Durham
10. Bath



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