Vampires Rock: Ghost Train at the Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 16 January 2017

Vampires Rock: Ghost Train at the Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 16 January 2017

Posted on: 10 Jan 2017

Vampires Rock: Ghost Train will bring its special, seductive brand of vampiric music-making to the Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 16 January 2017. The show marks the return of Steve Steinman as Barron Von Rockula for the first time in 12 long, undead years, reanimated from a show that has sold over a million tickets nationwide with 3000 performances to the rock song-loving multitudes.




Following the story of Barron Von Rockula as he flees with his band of blood-sucking vampires from the burning, crumbling remains of Club Live and Let Die in search of a new home, they stumble across old, abandoned fairground ride The Ghost Train. Considering it the perfect sanctuary, it's not before they let loose with a series of elaborate schemes to lure unwilling victims into their hellish domain to live in Rock 'n Roll hell for all eternity. 

Vampires Rock: Ghost Train at the Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 16 January 2017

This all-new show marks a triumphant return for Steinman, who will be joined by a mischievous menagerie of singers and dancers performing on a series of stunning sets as they plow their devilish way through a retrospective of covers of classic rock anthems including Bat Out Of Hell, We Will Rock You, Total Eclipse of the Heart and Sweet Child of Mine. 


Quite simply, it's going to be fang-tastic (sorry, couldn't resist it).


Wild, wicked, vampy, gloriously OTT, crammed with iconic songs and a darkly irrepressible, irresistible Gothic charm, this is one show that will get your week off to a mesmerizing, electrifying start - and possibly even raise the dead. 


Tickets are priced £27.40 to £29.40 and can be purchased here. Bristol Hippodrome is located at St Augustine's Parade, Bristol, BS1 4UZ.  

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