Home Brew Club Vol. 35 at Brew Bristol on Wednesday 18 January 2017

Home Brew Club Vol. 35 at Brew Bristol on Wednesday 18 January 2017

Posted on: 10 Jan 2017

Those specialist beer and home brew gurus at Brew Bristol have relaunched their Home Brew Club for the new year, and the next one takes place on Wednesday 18 January 2017.


The self-proclaimed 'off-license of craft beer' stocks an impressive and palate-wetting range of craft beer and real ales, where traditional beers chummily rub shoulders with more innovative brews and ales from the South West vicinity clank amicably against concoctions from around the globe. 

Home Brew Club Vol. 35 at Brew Bristol on Wednesday 18 January 2017

Home Brew Club Vol. 35 will give those with an impassioned predilection for grain, malt and hops to unite and consider the year ahead and all the exciting potential and possibilities of craft beer. 


So there will be plenty of opportunity to chat, drink, discuss plans and goals for 2017, drink, debate how you intend on getting the most out of real ale in the future, drink, postulate and pontificate on the current position of beer in the Bristol marketplace and how awareness could be raised and the ante could be upped, drink. Sounds pretty good to us. 


By its own admission, Brew Bristol only snaps up beers that qualify for that vital trilogy of 'amazing, beautiful and ever so tasty', so you can quaff to your heart's content in the shop from 6.30pm.


No ticket price or entry free. Just purchase a bottle of beer or two. Naturally. 


For more information, head to the Facebook event page. To find out more about Brew Bristol, visit their Facebook page. Brew Bristol is located at 17a St. Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1UA.

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