Can't secure a supermarket delivery slot? Arthur David have got you covered

Can't secure a supermarket delivery slot? Arthur David have got you covered

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Get your weekly shop delivered straight to your door with Arthur David's easy-to-use website.


For many of us, another lockdown means more confusion, more missing items and more waiting around when it comes to ordering groceries online.


Most of the UK's leading supermarkets are experiencing huge increases in demand, leading to products running out of stock and longer waits for delivery slots. 


Happily, Bristol-based independent wholesalers Arthur David are offering fast, practical next day delivery across all Bristol and Bath postcodes via their online grocery store, Arthur David at Home.



Established in 1962, Arthur David is an independent and family-run food wholesale company in Bristol. For almost fifty years they've supplied catering businesses across the South West with fresh produce, fine foods, dairy and much more.


More recently, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Arthur David branched out and launched a new Home Delivery division of the business, giving the general public a new way to order their groceries online. 


A reliable and local alternative to your big supermarkets, Arthur David at Home is an easy to use site where you’ll find a range of grocery and household items.


Alongside a plethora of quality products and local brands (including bakery giants Hobbs House Bakery), you’ll also find a Food Inspiration page, packed with recipes. 


To browse Arthur David's full range, or to place an order for Next Day Delivery today, head to their website. For more news, offers and updates, find Arthur David on Facebook.

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